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Educate Athletes, Inspire Others, Enjoy Life, Win Races


  • Create an environment where athletes & coaches communicate openly

  • Athletes have access to continuous support from coaches & team members

  • Help unlock physical and mental barriers

  • Athletes receive the tools & resources they need to for growth


 By understanding your needs and requirements, we provide a personalised training program that is specific to your time commitments, your ability, your specific event, and your goals

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"My journey with 3-1E started back in January 2022 when I approached them for some guidance and direction in terms of my training. At the time all I had ever really been interested in was swimming, didn’t own a road bike and wasn’t that keen on running.


I had a few goals for this year, one of them being to complete a triathlon and my journey started there. The coaching and support has always been fantastic. Lots of training over the winter and spring months enabled me to complete the carten in May after only being on a road bike 3 times!! Without the coaching I received through 3-1E this would never have been possible.  Yesterday I completed my first ever triathlon, Olympic distance.


Thank you for your inclusiveness within the team, your sharing of knowledge, your guidance and dedication to each and every one of us. Without you, none of our dreams would be possible"

Clare B

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